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1UP confirms Halo 3 news, more to come


1UP has officially confirmed the Halo 3 info that we uncovered earlier today. What's interesting is that they reveal all the same details that we discovered. Obviously, this can't be all that there is to the EGM cover story or 1UP wouldn't spill the beans. After all, why buy the magazine if 1UP already told you everything, right? 1UP does reveal another detail or two that we didn't have earlier. One, there will actually be three SKUs of Halo 3, a standard, collector's, and the aforementioned "Legendary" edition. Two, 1UP hints that Halo 3 will include an in game recording option, allowing budding machinima creators to make their own movies, or letting vets record their best runs. 1UP promises to have three solid weeks of Halo 3 coverage. Stay tuned for all the latest info, and be sure that we'll give you the lowdown on the cover story when it shows up in our mailbox.

[Thanks, hot zizzy]

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