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AT&T lets you spy on your own home, remotely

Cyrus Farivar

AT&T has just announced a home monitoring service so that you can spy on your kids / housemates / spouse / pets while you're out and about in the wider world. For a one-time fee of $200, AT&T will sell you an "equipment package" that contains a tilt-and-pan video camera, a motion sensor for a door / window, a "central router" to connect those devices to the interweb, and "two power modules that enable device connectivity via home power outlets." (And shipping you all that to your door will cost you another Hamilton, don't forget.) Further, as you might expect, you can program various alerts or triggers (like turning on a light) if motion is detected. So for all of that (which will still cost you $10 per month to operate), how do you view pictures of people trying to do damage to your domicile? Well, the system transmits over the internet at 3-7fps or if you're viewing it on your Cingular handset, between a paltry 1fps or up to a smokin' 3fps (if you have HSDPA). However, The Associated Press provides one last caveat, though: "The system won't work if the power fails." Thanks, Sherlock.

[Via The Associated Press]

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