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BRAINic's new JUCTOMA T-DMB/GPS unit with 7-inch and 4.3-inch screens


Here's a bit of a head scratcher: BRAINic's new JUCTOMA DMB and navigation unit features a single core unit that can be swapped between a 7-inch and 4.3-inch screen. We're sure it costs an arm and a leg for that much touchscreen action, but the upshot is that you can keep the 7-inch version in your car, and slap the core module into your 4.3-inch screen for portable use. Of course, this being Korean, the JUCTOMA doesn't skimp on other deets just because of its crazy setup: there's Windows CE 5.0, SiRF Star III GPS, MP3, WMA, DivX, AVI, ASF, WMF, JPG and BMP playback, 128MB of RAM, 2GB of NAND and 32MB of NOR. The 4.3-inch device hits 0.95-inches in thickness, while the 7-incher hits right around 1-inch thick. No word on SD, but perhaps that's pushing things a bit.

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