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Verizon launches Motorola's KRZR K1m and LG's Chocolate, again


Just in time for Halloween, VZW has new flavors of the MOTOKRZR K1m and Chocolate phones up for grabs. Well kinda, since their new White Chocolate only appears on what looks to be a Verizon staging site at the mo' with actual launch still expected tomorrow for $130 and a 2 year commitment. Just don't forget to treat yourself to a speakerphone with the ol' firmware trick hear, 'cause it looks from the site to ship without. Also up is the return on the K1m KRZR only now in a ghostly white with gray exterior -- yours to ship home for $200 after on-line discount and two-year contractual obligation akin to a feast of apples and rzrbldz.

[Thanks, John and Bob the Builder]

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