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Is next-gen gaming bad for gamers?

Blake Snow

Daily Game contends that next-generation consoles might in fact be bad for gamers forcing us to pay more without getting new games, additional features, and added play modes in return (crappy ROI for gamers). Video game manufacturers and publishers would have us believe we are getting the world via new consoles. So are we? From the article:

"What next-gen gaming has done is damage the psyche of your everyday gamer. First they pay more for a game that has fewer features, then they suffer through loading screens at least as long as current-gen ones, then they go online to pay for content that should've been in the game in the first place, and then they scale back their gaming because these next-gen tactics have raped any sense of videogame nostalgia left in them ... If the PS3 and Wii fail to deliver, we might have to re-examine whether 'gamer' is really spelled 'F-O-O-L.'"

Ask not what you can do for next-gen, ask what next-gen can do for you.

[Thanks, Xavier]

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