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Seagate launches updated version of drive encryption

Cyrus Farivar

There's nothing like starting the week with a little encryption, eh? Seagate has just announced an update to its hardware-based built-in drive encryption. Previously, the company had brought Full Disk Encryption to its Momentus 5400.2 mobile drive. This new update ships with 128-bit AES and a "faster serial advanced technology attachment interface." Essentially, according to The San Francisco Chronicle, all data traveling to or from the disk will be encoded and decoded by the encryption chip. However, there's one little problem, as Scott Shimomura, senior product marketing manager for Seagate, told the Chronicle: "If the password has been lost to the drive, then, yes, the drive becomes unusable." That means all your data. Consumers should expect to pay a $100 or less per drive premium for the privilege and should see the updated drives on shelves in the beginning of 2007.

[Via CIO, illustration courtesy The San Francisco Chronicle]

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