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It's Wednesday, time for ... an UNO deck? [update]


Microsoft sent out a press release yesterday trumpeting the latest UNO deck for Xbox Live Arcade. We didn't get around to posting it. So, we start typing up this post when we notice something:

"This week's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday release brings the award-winning Kameo franchise to everyone's favorite card game, UNO." [Emphasis ours.]

Now, we like UNO. It's one of our favorite games to use for editorial "meetings." But an UNO deck is not, we repeat not, an Arcade Wednesday release. It's new content for a game that we already have. Yeah, yeah, a new deck introduces new rules, so you could argue that it's like a new game, but why would you?

Ah, we're just pissed it wasn't Small Arms. If you're interested, the Kameo deck contains a card that lets you swap hands with another player. Seems kind of mean really. Should you desire this deck, it will only set you back 100 MS points. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going back to the Rainbow Six demo.

Update: This deck has been pulled from Marketplace. Apparently there's a bug in it. Sorry to get your UNO hopes up.

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