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Kyocera brings K325 "Cyclops" to Virgin Mobile

Chris Ziegler

Looking perhaps to move a little upmarket from the low-end Oystr, Virgin's new Kyocera-supplied "Cyclops" clamshell adds a couple key features that should appeal to the gearheads in the prepaid crowd. Besides generally looking a little fancier than its pearly sibling, the Cyclops puts its money where its mouth is by rocking a 1.3-megapixel shooter, a 160 x 128 display, and a speakerphone. The big draw here, though, appears to be the introduction of Virgin's new Virgin Mobile Audio Messaging (VAM) which allows subscribers -- rocking compatible handsets, of course -- to exchange brief voice messages the same way they'd send SMSes. As with Nuance's voice-to-text service, we're a bit skeptical that this is really gonna catch on, but who knows what kinds of services the kiddies are into these days?

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