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The iLounge 2007 iPod Buyers' Guide


Our friends over at iLounge have just released their 2007 iPod Buyers Guide and it's the biggest one yet, weighing in at 180 pages. If you're thinking of buying anything iPod related at all for the holidays, this is the guide to read before you spend your hard earned cash. The guide includes more than 20 exclusive accessory debuts, sneak peaks, iPod buying tips, Best of the Year awards and so much more.

There are two versions available for download and both are 100% free. One in a full-screen single-page PDF format, which is suitable for printing, and one in magazine-style two-page PDF format. iLounge adds: This issue is specially formatted to fill your screen horizontally rather than vertically, unlike past issues. As a result, if your monitor is smaller than 20" on the diagonal, we strongly recommend that you download the single-page version rather than the two-page version. TUAW adds: if your monitor is smaller than 20" on the diagonal, skip the iPod and buy a bigger monitor first!

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