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Phat Loot Phriday: Hydrocane

Mike Schramm

If you're a Warlock (or a Shammy with Shiny Fish Scales), you won't have much use for this item. But for the rest of us, it's the perfect equip in certain wet situations.

Name: Hydrocane
Type: Rare Staff
Damage / Speed: 48-73, 2.80 (21.6 DPS)

  • +21 Frost resistance, which might be nice in Naxx if there weren't about five million better weapons to take to that instance. But the real draw of the Hydrocane is this:
  • Equip: Allows underwater breathing. Yup, equip this staff, and that annoying "drowning" thing becomes a nonissue. Do "Deep Ocean, Vast Sea" with ease (well, relative ease-- it still sucks). Pick up the Big Iron Fishing Pole by farming those traps without coming up to breathe. And explore all of underwater Azeroth at your own pace, not the pace of that stupid little blue meter that slowly ticks your life away. Neat little item to have, whether you're level 27 (required) or beyond.
How to Get It: If there is a catch with this thing, here it is: you have to go into Gnomer to get it. In fact, this might be the only reason to go into Gnomeregan at all (ok, Techbot made me laugh, so he's worth it, too). The item drops from "Viscous Fallout," a named poison elemental at the bottom of the very first room in the instance. Because he's so close, he's easily farmable by a rogue or druid (and of course Gnomer is soloable for most any higher levels, as well). Drops at 18% or so, so farm him a few times, and you should be amphibious.

Getting Rid of It: BOP. Sells to vendors for 82s 10c. Disenchants into Small Glowing Shard.

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