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Unpacking our PlayStation 3 (with video!)

Ryan Block, @ryan

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The video game stork came by our place today and blessed us with an oh so long awaited PlayStation 3 of our very own, which we proceeded to ravenously photograph and film. Click on for plenty of shots of our new PlayStation 3 debug unit (sorry, this isn't the final retail packaging), as well as some video of the PS3 initial setup and slot-loading drive action!

P.S. -For more PlayStation 3 madness, check out our complete XMB interface / menu walkthrough video, as well as our hardware preview videos.

Head all the way to the end for the video, we're gonna do the unboxing pics first!

Oooh, what could it be?

For all you Yanks, 8KG is 17 pounds. Seriously man.

We can hardly wait.

Games burned to Blu-ray (this unit plays unsigned code).

Clear all that outta there.

So, we've got a SIXAXIS, some power cables, USB, HDMI (funny that debuggers get one, but consumers don't), Ethernet, and games.

Thar she is.


Ahhh, doesn't that feel better?

How candid.

Let's take a look at the SIXAXIS, shall we?

That translucent PlayStation button is mildly hypnotic, we'll admit.

Ah, let's hit up the video.

We cut most of the audio on this one (until close to the end) because it was just background noise. Enjoy!

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