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Wii Startup Disc is (surprise!) a set up disk

Ross Miller

"Please insert your Wii Startup Disc. This will set up your Wii console."

The mysterious Wii Startup Disc that was listed on the back of the Wii box has been summoned in public. While glancing over the Wii kiosk set up at the South Shore Mall Software Etc. in Bay Shore, NY, Engadget superstar Paul Miller snapped the above photograph, with the Wii console pleading (with the above message) for the Startup Disc. The request is written in only English, Spanish and French, implying that the disk is region-specific.

It may be a last-minute firmware update, but why not have the console download the update when it connects? After all, Wii is supposed to be connected 24 hours a day. Maybe Nintendo doesn't trust its customers, and the Startup Disc is a mandatory orientation film on how to properly handle the Wiimote (think LOST). Or it might just be a very lame game -- "insert the disc and win!" -- that boosts your self-esteem.

Let's say the Wii Startup Disc is a region-specific firmware update. If a US Wii owner could obtain a Japanese startup disc, could he or she enjoy a more expansive Virtual Console launch lineup?

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