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Criterion won't enter Blu-ray vs. HD DVD battle yet


Unlike many fans of either format Criterion has so far been satisfied to sit on the sidelines and let things transpire as they may, and for the time being they will continue to. On the new Criterion Collection blog executive Peter Becker spelled out the company's view on the ongoing tiff between HD DVD and Blu-ray. Criterion benefited by moving from making well-received laserdiscs to the DVD format early on, but with the lack of a single standard, it is left with the choice of either alienating some customers, or creating two sets of inventory for all of its content. While dual releases might be feasible for larger players like Warner and Paramount, Criterion is going to let things shake themselves out before releasing HD content on disc. Since it has been mastering all of its films in HD for years one can only imagine the stockpile of content and extras waiting to be unleashed...someday.

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