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Zalman Tech's ZM-NC1000 laptop cooler: not as noisy as you think


With hot running and even occasionally, exploding laptops making front page news, laptop coolers like this ZM-NC1000 from Zalman Tech are stepping into a ready-made market of fear and consumption. For about a Grant, you can buy yourself some peace of mind, in addition to a 3-mm thick aluminum sled featuring two centrifugal fans spinning up to 1,500RPM or less via the adjustable dial along the side of the chassis. Instead of those extra blowers adding ever more noise to the environment, the cooler's quiet running fans are said to not only reduce the laptop's heat but also bring the dBAs down a few ticks on that logarithmic scale. See, by lowering the heat, the laptop's noisy, sometimes mooing, fan is able to spin at a leisurely Sunday RPM thereby decreasing the overall noise level... or so says Zalman.


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