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    Delphi's pocket-friendly NAV200 GPS reviewed

    Darren Murph

    As gadgets of all types slim down with time, the GPS market is seeing an increased flurry of shirt-pocket navigation units like Delphi's NAV200. The company's first effort at producing a PMP / NAV hybrid was a bit of a mixed bag according to PC Magazine, but still offered a respectable amount of features for under $400. It was noted that while the multimedia capability was great in theory, the inability to utilize them while in navigation mode was certainly disappointing; however, the increased amount of POIs and multi-point routing did receive suitable praise. Additionally, the unit doesn't preview turns before you embark, and the GUI was deemed unintuitive in certain scenarios. Another dig on the unit's previously promising media functions came when reviewers couldn't playback video at resolutions higher than 640 x 480, and they twiddled their thumbs for "25 seconds" while it resized a 3.5-megabyte image for on-screen viewing. Overall, the NAV200 took a lot of heat for not living up to the multi-function hype, but it was deemed a "good, basic choice" for navigating at a great price, but only if those "other features" don't matter much to you anyway.

    [Via NaviGadget]

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