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Diddy plays PS3, why don't you?

Ross Miller

Sony issued a press release today to tell us how cool the PlayStation 3 is. Their latest console is so cool that last night they invited a bunch of celebrities last night to an exclusive party in Beverly Hills and got Diddy to perform. In the span of 255 words, the press release managed to name drop 13 names -- that's one celebrity for every 19.6 words. We're looking at 50 megafonzies here, folks.

Using celebrities to increase the "cool factor" of your product is not a novel concept. Nintendo of America's Perrin Kaplan mentioned that Diddy and Uma Thurman had programmed her number into speed-dial, in hopes of scoring a Wii. Last year, Microsoft gave out Xbox 360s -- already in short supply -- to celebrities like Paris Hilton, who also found her way to last night's PS3 party.

Not attending the party last night was Eric Cartman, who was last seen waiting outside of the local EV Games for a Wii.

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