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Sharp's MP-E300/E200: the slimmer, prettier AAC sisters


Well, Sharp did improve the looks of their MP-B300 a bit with this, their new MP-E300 digital audio player. That color-matched display and clean, grayscale GUI works hard to keep the look tidy. But damn Sharp, quit slacking and clean up those busy controls, eh? Looks aside, this player delivers a pretty fat feature starting with a miniSD slot for expanding capacity beyond the onboard 512MB or 1GB flash, depending upon model. Sharp's updated DAP slims down from 8.9-mm to 7.9-mm while still packing both an on-board FM tuner and transmitter with AAC support now included on top of WMA/MP3 and DRM'd WMA. The player also touts up to 24-hours of MP3 playback or 14-hours of DRM'd WMA off its lithium polymer battery. Line-in recording direct to MP3 remains as does the hefty price tag: ¥21,000 / ¥16,000 (about $178 / $106) for the 1GB MP-E300 / 512MB MP-E200 players, respectively, when these start rolling out in Japan on November 24th. Now, if we could just move those squares around all n-puzzle like, well, we might have to bite. Ok, probably not.

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