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Ubistar unveils video-playing, Linux-based Scencio GPS

Darren Murph

With Sanyo busting out a TV tuner-equipped navigation unit, Ubistar apparently felt the need to come out swinging, and its Scencio 4-inch unit certainly packs a punch. Sporting a car-friendly design, 4-inch 480 x 272 touchscreen display, 200MHz Intel Xscale PXA-255 processor, SiRF Star III receiver, and Linux 2.6X running the show, this Korean GPS pulls double-duty as a video viewer when not navigatin' your routes. Touting a very useful video input, you can connect any external video source to the unit, essentially providing a mobile LCD for whenever you bring that trusty gaming console along for the ride. Moreover, the device can playback MP3 files stored on your SD card, but the 0.5-watt speaker isn't likely to retain much fidelity. Oddly enough, Ubistar neglected to add a battery-powered option, requiring you to stay close to a power source to enjoy the multi-function goodness. Although pricing and availability details are unsurprisingly absent, we suspect the Linux-powered Scencio 4-inch will hit the streets of Seoul real soon.

[Via NaviGadget]

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