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NPD's October hardware sales numbers released

Chris Powell

We're all fully aware of the PSP's situation in Japan, but I think many people don't know how well the PSP sells in North America. Well, NPD has just released the October hardware numbers, and I have some good news and some bad news for you PSP Fanboys.

Bad news - in October, there were 130,000 PSPs sold compared to the DS' 360,000 units.

Good news - the deficit between the DS and PSP is a lot smaller than it is in Japan.

While it still seems like a large gap, the DS, at times, outsold the PSP by that margin in a week's time in Japan. Plus, the PSP is now selling better in America than it is in Japan by an average of 50,000 units.

However, with Peter Dille's recent comments, do these numbers really matter anymore since Sony is targeting a different audience? Or do you think Sony's just telling us and themselves that to make them feel better?

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