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Very casual player returns to WoW

David Nelson

Jessica over at might be the definition of a very casual WoW player. She really liked the game, played a ton, but had a hard time once she got to around level 30 with a few different toons. Why? She doesn't really say, but the word "bored" is thrown around a good bit.

So what is her reward for messing around in WoW and never getting a character beyond 30? A beta key! While some might find this annoying, I really don't. A big reason WoW is a raging success is because of players like Jessica. They buy the game, enjoy it for a few months, and move on. And I have to anticipate a lot of those folks will be returning come the Burning Crusade. Her article doesn't have any new information, and her opinions certainly don't jibe with the kind of hardcore player who raids Naxx and reads WoW blogs, but it is interesting to see how the other half lives. And she thinks the Blood Elf hair is "phenomenal", which, now that I look at it, it sort of is.

What do you guys think? How big a portion of the WoW community is made up of people like Jessica? Will those kind of people be likely to come back come the expansion?

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