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Wii Sports: Training and Fitness


We've been spending tons of time with Wii Sports and we never took the chance to check out the Fitness and Training modes. In correcting the situation, we found that each are fairly straight forward and just how you would imagine them; Fitness is a kind of Brain Age semi-clone, yet instead of a brain age you are given a fitness age, and with Training you are taken through several scenarios in each of the sports. Fitness mode is a good deal more in-depth, so initially you'd want to head into Training mode before checking that out so that you can train up before committing yourself to a fitness age the system is looking to label you with.

Continue reading for our first ever Wii Sports Fitness mode trial!

So we sat down and entered the Fitness mode of Wii Sports and, honestly, didn't know what to expect. Would we just be thrust into a game of a random sport or would there be a calculated set of tests? Turns out the console has a laundry list of tests for us in order to determine our fitness age. Our first task? Returning serves in Wii Sports: Tennis.

We managed to only miss 4 balls out of a total of 50. Your Mii will move from shallow to deep in what seems to be random intervals. Ball speed never reached high velocity, however the inability to control the Mii's movement caused us to miss some very returnable balls. Oh well, missing only 4 is not so bad, right?

Next up was Home Run Derby in Wii Sports: Baseball. With a total of 10 pitches, the goal for the player is to basically knock it out of the park. Swinging and missing, along with fouling the ball, both result in an out. We managed to knock 2 for yard: first was for 482 feet and the second was an epic 547 feet.

Finally, we had to pick up spares in Wii Sports: Bowling. Picking up spares was a progressive affair, intially having us pick up the first pin and, upon doing so, the game would add a second pin, then the player would need to pick up the first and second pin respectively. The player is given an allowance of 5 gutterballs total before the round ends. We ended up getting to stage 4 before our last gutterball sputtered down the lane.

After completing all 3 trials, the game gave us a fitness age of 64. We're assuming the best overall fitness age one may receive is a 20. Assuming that, we wonder what we'd need to do in order to get closer to that number. We only missed 4 balls in Tennis, knocked 2 homers in Baseball and picked up 3 spares in Bowling. Isn't that at least worthy of a number in the 40's?

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