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Air Force working on "voice transformation" to fool the bad guys

Cyrus Farivar

You think we have identity theft problems now? Wait until the Air Force develops its "voice transformation algorithms" so that it can convert any airman's (or woman's) voice into a "target voice." That means instead of having a pilot speak directly to enemies, software would be able to convert his/her voice into someone else's, ideally a person that the target recognizes as a friendly -- allowing the crafty airman to trick enemies with false intel. What about applications for us civvies? The Air Force acknowledges that there could be some "Phase III Dual Use Applications" which include restoring a voice to those who have a damaged voice box, or for creating voices in video games or for animated films. So once this gets going and we're ready to do "Engadget: The Animated Series," it'll be much cheaper to imitate our voices with no-name actors.

[Via DefenseTech]

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