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Adobe Flash Player 9 updated


Adobe has posted version of its ubiquitous Flash Player browser plugin. The update includes many fixes and improvements, including Windows Vista support (hey - Adobe even beat the Zune to that!), support for full screen mode in web players and a security update addressing the HTTP Header Injection Vulnerabilities, as described Security Bulletin APSB06-18.

A long list of other fixes are included in the Release Notes, which you really should read since Adobe went through all that trouble to type them up.

There are two installers - one for Intel-based Macs (Universal Binary) and a leaner one for PPC-based Macs (requires the Mac OS X 10.1 or later). The PPC version supports Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL, Opera, and Safari browsers, while the Intel version reportedly only supports Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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