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Niveus goes quad-core with new n9 "Pro Series" media server


You know how it goes, once one manufacturer goes quad-core with thems Intel Core 2 Extreme procs, everybody has to do it. Now Niveus is jumping into the game with its new Pro Series n9 rack-mount media server, which sports a quad-core QX6700 processor, along with Intel Viiv tech, GeForce Series 7 Graphics, 3 terabytes of storage, HD DVD playback, multiple independent HD video and music playback sessions through out the house, and plenty more. The 3U unit is CableCARD ready, and includes HDMI, RAID 5 storage protection, 4 TV tuners (two NTSC, two ATSC), 4GB of RAM and a couple fancy audio options. Of course, none of this comes cheap. The Media Center starts at a cool $15k, and while we've definitely seen pricier solutions to HD nirvana, that doesn't change the fact that $15k is a good chunk of change.

[Thanks, Michael F.]

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