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Sony's system projects a quiet cool (PS3 delight #1)

Kyle Orland

Anyone used to the Xbox 360's relatively noisy operation might expect the similarly clunky, power-hungry PlayStation 3 to also crank out some significant whirring. You'd be wrong though; the system runs almost silently from start-up to power-down, gliding along like the sleek, aerodynamic concept car it resembles.

What's more, even with a built-in power supply, an enormous heat sink means that the top surface of the system is cool to the touch even after extended use. The system's heat is directed almost exclusively downward and out through the case's massive side vents, which will hopefully preclude any 360-style problems with overheating.

Granted, the system's case design doesn't significantly impact the game-playing experience, but it's little touches like these help make a piece of hardware easier to integrate into a home entertainment center (that is if you can fit it in there. Zing!)

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