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Top 10 tips for scoring a PlayStation 3

Blake Snow

Running out of ideas to score a coveted and limited PS3 at launch? Well GameDaily has your back offering 10 tips to increase your chances of picking up a shiny black box on Friday. Notable suggestions include 24-hour stores, moving out of Japan, and a nifty little Google Maps mashup called PS3 Seeker. Our fav? Move to Wyoming:

"Our twisted sense of propositional logic tells us that to get a PlayStation 3, one must go where no people are. Hence a sudden change of address to Wyoming, the nation's least-populated state. Hit up a video game store or electronics retailer in the Cowboy State, and you've only got 500,000 other potential shoppers in the entire state to compete with. And maybe a few bison, too."

Any lucky Wyoming readers out there?

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