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Girl in Austin not sure about PS3, waits in line for fun

Kevin Kelly

This video just sort of makes you stare at the screen with your jaw gaping open and go, "What the?!" A girl in South Austin who knows nothing about gaming at all "heard that this was going to be good," and has decided to wait in line at a Best Buy for a PS3. The reporter asks "What do people do for a living in order to come out here and camp out?" Casey's extremely truthful reply, "I don't do anything, honestly ... I'm just doing it for the thrill. Something to get out of my usual ... you know." We have a feeling she was about to say "boring life."

The reporter accurately goes on to identify her as a girl, proving that there is still some top-notch news reporting going on out there, folks. She then goes on to say, "Us girls don't really fit into this environment with all this gaming." This is about as bad as the "math is hard!" Barbie doll, which we suspect the reporter probably owns and has propped up on her makeup mirror. Any female gamers out there care to issue some rebuttal smackdown to this reporter wannabe? Casey says all the guys in line have been really nice to her (mm hmm) by helping her set her tent up and take it down, and that friends have been bringing her blankets, gloves, and a beanie because it's cold out there. We wonder what she showed up in line with.

Anyhow, Casey, we truly hope this is everything you want it to be. If it's not, eBay can help you turned those failed dreams into some bling. We have a sneaky suspicion that's really what she's doing in line anyhow. Let's do the math: does nothing + heard it was good + not a gamer = look for this console to be listed at about 8:37AM central time on Friday.

"Those waiting in line cannot pitch tents until the store closes at 9PM ..." We can guarantee that there's some tent-pitching going on in that line. We're at less than 24 to go, and it's fanboys on high alert! Plus look, a girl!

[Thanks, Collin]

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