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Hack your Wii GiftCard

Cyrus Farivar

So you've got one of them nifty Wii GiftCards, do ya? Don't feel bad, neither do we. But from what we've read, the little Target card can be used to buy anything in the store, which doesn't really have much to do with the Wii other than to promote it. If you press the power button on the top of the card, the sides light up like a Christmas tree (that is, assuming your Christmas tree glows solid blue for 10 seconds). Well, those crazy cats at Instructables have put together a series of instructions as to how to disassemble this card, and what you might be able to do with it if you did. They discovererd exactly what types of timers, resistors and batteries are in this little number, and gave some suggestions as to what to do with 'em, including changing the LED colors, altering the logos on the top, or our favorite: attaching a lanyard. Because if you're going to go to the trouble of taking apart a card like this, nothing says classy geek style like a lanyard.

[Via MAKE: Blog]

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