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Mass Effect combat video uses the force


If you sat down last night to watch ... The G-Hole (shudder), expecting to see the new Mass Effect trailer, you were sorely disappointed. We have received word that trailer had to be cut due to time constraints. If you feel slighted, then fear not, for the trailer is available on MTV's cavernous flash site. If you'd rather not traverse such fetid places -- even if it is the only place you'll find the trailer in hi-res -- you can watch the YouTubified version after the break.

The trailer shows us a nice long segment of gameplay, including vehicle and standard combat. We really dig the Moon Rover-style car with its various rocket boosters -- the giant gun doesn't hurt either. While the game is an RPG, the combat looks to be completely real time, even including an aiming reticle (and sniping). Another interesting bit that reminded us of Knights of the Old Republic, the main character sure looks like he's using the force to make objects (and enemies) float. All in all, the game is looking very sharp, and with KOTOR and Jade Empire under Bioware's collective belt, it's hard for us to imagine Mass Effect will disappoint.

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