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PS3 on eBay pulls in $10,100

Kevin Kelly

A PlayStation 3 pre-order up for auction on eBay ended just 45 minutes ago as of the writing of this post, fetching over ten thousand dollars. If this guy doesn't get his pre-order, and we have a feeling that's going to be happening a lot tomorrow, can the winning bidder get out of it? Yes, according to the notes on the auction, although you still have to pay for shipping (wtf?). His wife is getting in on the bling action as well, "my wife is first in line at our local Walmart and she is also garunteed a PS3 so I will have 2 of them at midight."

We don't know anything about the winning bidder except he's apparently a Florida Gators fan. Let's hope he didn't type an accidental zero in there when bidding ... 10k for a PS3 is quite a stretch from the $600 asking price. We've emailed him for some answers, hopefully he hasn't had to hock his computer to pay for this baby.

The guy who is reselling 100 PS3s is probably crapping his pants right now. Just keep the receipts for the Ferrari and the yacht in Bermuda. Impulse buys can be a real bitch.

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