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PC Gamer lures PS3 buyer with $7500 gaming rig

Kyle Orland

What would it take for you to give up your shot at a PS3? I don't just mean your shot at getting a system on launch day... I mean giving up your right to ever own Sony's newest system? For one gamer waiting outside the Sony Metreon in San Francisco, the price of loyalty was a $7,500 PC gaming rig.

In an effort to "prove that the PC is, and always shall be, the finest gaming platform available to man," PC Gamer and computer maker Falcon Northwest teamed up to lure away prospective PS3 purchasers with a top-of-the-line PC complete with 30" LCD monitor and Nvidia 8800 GTX graphics card. The catch? To get the system, you have to sign a notarized, legally-binding contract certifying that you will never, ever, buy a PS3.

Judging by the photo gallery of the night's events, PC Gamer editor Greg Vederman had no trouble finding willing participants for the offer, but a gamer identified only as "Neal" was the randomly-chosen winner. Vederman said he will be checking in on Neal "several times a year to make sure he keeps his end of the deal," an arrangement we're sure will lead to frantic "quick, hide the PS3" escapades when the PC Gamer van approaches.

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