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Where have all the nunchuks gone? [update 1]


Nintendo forgot a little something in their Wii launch -- to pack a plethora of extra nunchuks to go with their Wii-motes. If your experience has been anything like this reporter's, than you too are minus any nunchuks to go with your Wii-motes (except for the one that came with the system). Eight stores and two states later, still haven't found one -- doesn't have them either. Now to start making phone calls all over the place, anybody else having this problem?

Basic business would have dictated that people would get a nunchuk to go with their Wii-mote, so why wasn't it a 1 to 1 ratio? All the Wii-motes in the world and not a nunchuk to attach. Having friends over and not being able to play Rayman or Wii Sports Boxing has been a very disappointing experience.

It seems that some readers are having the complete opposite experience, heavy on the Wii-chuk, low on the Wii-mote. Reader Kevin pretty much sums it up, "Why dont they just package them together???" We'll look into that.

(Update 1: Updated due to feedback)

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