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Breakfast Topic: Favorite quest chain


There are so many great quests in the game, but some of the most intriguing ones are the longer chains. And while the quests themselves may be annoying hunts for rare drops, sometimes the entertaining quest text in between is all worthwhile. My absolute favorite chain in the game has to be the one given by the charming Apothecary Lydon in Tarren Mill. He has such amusing dialogs that I can't help but giggle whenever I get a new Horde character into the 20s and run off to do those quests. He's such a charmer, with lines like:

There we go! Ah, nothing brightens a gloomy day in these miserable foothills like bringing a little suffering into the world.

So do you have any favorite quests chains in the game? Things you go out of your way to find whenever you're playing a new character?

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