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Helio's first dedicated store opens its doors

Chris Ziegler

Say you're in the market for a Helio device; perhaps a Hybrid data card or that hot new Drift all the kiddies are talking about. Could you get it from some third-party wireless outlet or Helio's online store? Sure, of course you could, but where we come from, we go big or we go home. Helio's Santa Monica flagship store has just opened its doors, and the MVNO is hoping would-be members (and current members alike) drop by to buy their next Helio device -- or, in the words of Helio honcho Sky Dayton himself, "cruise by to meet up or just hang out with friends." If Santa Monica is a bit out of the way, look for San Diego, Palo Alto, and Denver to flip their switches by year's end with New York following in early '07.

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