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The mainstream press chimes in on the PS3

Ed Stasick

As you may know, I'm not a big fan of how the "mainstream" press tackles gaming commentary. Our good friends at 1up have bitten the bullet and compiled an extraordinary round-up of PS3 opinions (some poor bastard/intern at 1up got stuck with the short-end of the research stick on this one):

  • TIME -- Levi Grossman declares the PS3 not worth the hype in the article's title, and doesn't think there's a redeeming quality about Sony's new console.
  • New York Times -- Seth Schiesel believes that he's played more games than anyone outside of Sony.
  • Newsweek -- N'Gai Croal and Steven Levy provide an article that, after the corny intro, is easily the most comprehensive and reader friendly to non-tech heads.
  • The Evening Bulletin -- Commentary from Steve Feldman isn't just harsh, its downright caustic!
And many more!

So, is the press jumping on the anti-Sony bandwagon? Or are these reporters just pissed that they couldn't keep their review units to sell on ebay? Discuss!

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