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GuildWatch: Mashed Potatoes of Striking dropped from the Turkey Boss

Mike Schramm

That's a player's reconstruction of a Sapphiron kill, in case you couldn't tell. Considering the way it looks, I'm guessing the guild plays on Alliance side. ICE BURN!

Happy Thanksgiving this week from GuildWatch. To go along with your turkey and gravy, we've got your weekly quota of Drama (including your chance to vote on our readers' work), Downed, and Recruiting notices from around the World of Warcraft. Click the link below to slice that sucker open and get to the tender, juicy meat inside.


  • For the first time ever, GW readers, a tipster asks your advice. He's an officer in what sounds like a casual guild, and he just got word that a second person (this happened before) from his guild has been banned for "using third party programs." Now, he's raided with these people for months, knows them and their lives, knows that they don't have tons of money ingame, or even any other level 60s (besides their main). He's even had other officers in the guild visit the houses of these guys, inspect their computers, and confirm that there's no hanky-panky going on. But for three months of asking Blizzard about it, he's gotten bupkus in the form of a response from them. So what should he do? Of course, if you want my opinion, there's not much you can do-- it's Blizzard's ball, and if they decide to take it home, the game's over for everyone. Does it suck? Sure. But if you're that pissed about the way Blizzard has handled things, have you considered Guild Wars? And I hear Gears of War has a fun co-op mode, too. If you've absolutely got to play WoW, maybe get the guild together to buy these guys new accounts? Readers, what do you think?
  • Sounds like Sacred Rites on Icecrown-A is having that whole leaving players issue-- despite having over 160 accounts in the guild, they can't get more than 30 to raid with them, which means they've only gotten as far as Domo. So they're recruiting to try and pick up some dedicated raiders. And if that doesn't work, guys, just wait until the expansion-- with the 25 man cap on dungeons, you'll have the perfect size.
  • Finally, we had two submissions for the suggested GuildWatch Best Guild Name award, an informal award that I want to give to a certain guild every week. More on that, and a chance for you to make your voice heard, below.
  • Grats to Apex (Durotar-A), who one-shotted Nef on their first try ever. Amazing! Next up, AQ40 and Naxx.
  • Celestial Knights of Eldre'Thelas-A dropped Prophet Skeram (who I think might be the coolest looking boss in AQ-- of the ones I've seen, anyway). Grats.
  • Oathsworn on Azjol-Nerub, who last week were rolling through BWL, have finished off Nef as well. Good on ya!
  • War Front on Frostmane killed Sapphiron. See one of their members' dramatic recreation of the event above.
  • Reign of Ysera (Alliance on some server somewhere) killed Heigan and Loatheb, and they want to thank their Scottish guild leader (inside joke, I assume), and the fabulous dancers of Reign.
  • Determined on Dalvengyr-H finished off Razergore, making them the first non-transfer guild on their server to do it. Awesome!
  • Our friends at Darknova on Alexstrasza-H have finished Nef off, too.
  • Evolution from Moonglade-EU had a hell of a weekend: Saturday Ossirian, Sunday Firemaw, and Monday Ebonroc and Flamegor. Umm, I did my laundry this past weekend, but they cleaned the whole house!
  • But Barely Legal of Suramar-A had the night to remember this past week: on Monday, they killed Chromaggus and Nef, then Ragnaros (in 2:30!), and for kicks, dropped Skeram, and then Battleguard Sartura for their first pull of her ever. Do you guys ever sleep?
  • Exile on Graymane (didn't say which faction) is recruiting 40+ for rolling into the endgame. /w Clanton for deets.
  • The Imortals (sic-- I'm not sure if they made a spelling error in their actual name or in their tip to GW) on Dragonmaw-A wants players of all levels, as long as you're "mature." They "look to grow big," eventually raiding against the Horde and doing ZF runs. I think maybe they mean ZG?
  • Megaforce Squadron (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is looking for casual, fun-seeking players of any class or level on Dragonmaw-H.
  • Inferno on Sentinels-A wants Warriors and Priests 50+ for endgame raiding. Send a tell to Hybrys if interested.
  • Forgotten Heroes on Andorhol-A wants experienced players for mostly raiding and some PVP.
  • Order of Thought is a "family guild" (run by a family?) on Malfurion-H. They want "mature players for endgame." Lots of requests for maturity this week-- what guild can I join if I'm an immature player?
And finally, here's our two submissions for the Best Guild Name award. The idea here is that every week, I will choose one guild name that makes me laugh, shows considerable creativity, or, in the case of this week's winner, just plain sounds cool. The chosen guild will then be able to display this picture on their website (I'll probably email it to the tipster who sends me the name) as a crowning achievement of-- ok, well maybe not the highest honor, but at least somewhere around the middle.

OPTION #1 (this was sent in by Stan)

OPTION #2 (Rick made this one-- he also included a few variations of different colors, but this was the one I liked the best)

So tell me which one you like better in the comments below, and next week I'll choose a winner. If you have criticism, be nice and constructive. BIG thanks to both these guys for doing such great work, especially for free, as they did. Their photoshop skills far, far outrank anything I'm ever gonna have, and no matter which one we choose, they both rock as human beings.

And hey, if you don't like either of those, there's still a chance to put your money where your mouth is-- make your own, link to it in the comments below, and if more people like yours, I'll choose that one. That's it for GW, see you next week, and have a great Turkey day!

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