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Metareview -- Left Behind: Eternal Forces


Listen up sinners, the end is nigh and you better find out how not to get left behind. Sadly, it looks like you'll be spending more time getting those that are left behind to listen to commands in the Christian-sci fi apocolyptic RTS game. There is also no Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) in the game, like there is in the movie and on your local Christian television station preaching the word of the Holy Gospel. Also, curiously, there are hardly any reviews on this game a full two weeks after launch. Looks like a few outlets are afraid to touch or talk about this title.

  • IGN (59/100): "The basic design of the game is intriguing and worthy of a better treatment than it gets here. Fighting for and keeping recruits requires some thoughtful and persistent strategies ... unfortunately, the inconsistent behavior of your recruits means you'll spend more time fighting the interface than the Antichrist."
  • UnderGroundOnline (88/100): "Eternal Forces has a lot of new and innovative elements for an RTS game, but it may be too slow paced for people who want action and aggressive gameplay. If you're a fan of the Left Behind movies or books, though, you may enjoy being able to shape the world like the heroes in the canon works do."
  • JustAdventure (77/100): "Eternal Forces is an RTS with a couple of interesting variations. It is written in a religious setting, but is not preachy nor does it condone violence against the heathens. If anything, it discourages violence and intolerance ... we have a professionally crafted game, but with significant flaws. It comes close, but I just don't think it's going to make it with either the Gamers, who will want more screen action, or the Adventurers, who will want less adrenaline."

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