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World of Wiicraft?


For the past few months one of the most common requests by WoW players is to have the game ported to the Xbox 360, but with the launch of Nintendo's much hyped new system, what about WoW on Wii?

Imagine how much fun it would be to smash Orcs and carve up Murlocs in your living room the your Wiimote acting as the Sword of a Thousand Truths.

It would certainly lead to a resurgence in fishing around Azeroth as apparently the new Zelda game has implemented the mechanics quite well.

Of course I would likely need to cover my living room in bubble wrap to protect my home from total destruction as swords and maces start flying around the room.

Nintendo's Wii is known for its lower graphical standards which melds perfectly with WoW's low system specs.

So who else would would relish the thought of getting out of their chair and turning WoW into an even more interactive experience?

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