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Researchers create robot with "human soul"


Researchers at Munich University are looking to put a little more of a human touch into robotics with their latest project, a remotely-controlled bot intended for use in dangerous situations. The wheeled robot packs twin cameras on its noggin' to provide a clear view to the person controlling it, who can manipulate the robot's arm and fingers using a data glove and force-feedback interface, and view all the action from the relative comfort of a head-mounted display. While it's stuck on wheels at the moment, the researchers eventually hope to make a fully mobile bipedal robot that can be controlled by someone wearing a complete exoskeleton. Alright, so being remote-controlled doesn't technically make it a "robot" -- at least not until our brave bucket 'o bolts here finally gets a clue after having its arm reattached for the umpteenth time after yet another unsuccessful bomb diffusion.

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