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Engadget's giving away an Xbox 360! [update 1]

Some readers (hey Eric!) contacted us to let us know that yesterday's Amazon super sale on the Xbox 360 Core unit didn't really work out for them -- while we were never even able to get the Amazon page to load, their cart didn't reflect the reduced $100 price. Other readers (hey Mark!) let us know that they made it out alive, 360 Core in (virtual) hand. If you count yourself amongst the former, head over to Engadget to try your luck at winning an Xbox 360 Premium. Just leave a comment at Engadget and cross your fingers.

[Update: *ahem* Apologies for the confusion, dear readers. If you want to try your luck at some free Xbox 360 action, you'll need to leave a comment over at Engadget -- not here -- although we appreciate it nonetheless! If you want to win something decidedly less extravagant, throw a comment in for the exlusive Black Friday Lost Planet multiplayer map, or just hightail over to Engadget and make your comment heard!]

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