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Here we go again: Mac tablet claimed for mid-2007 launch

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's been a while since we reported on the long unfulfilled Mac tablet rumor, but apparently "sources in Taiwan" have informed Smarthouse that Apple has units in the works for education and enterprise verticals -- two areas they've mildly backed away from in the past couple of years. If the rumor is to believed, the device will launch mid-2007 and would be designed also to take advantage of home automation processes and be integrated with a new wireless version of Apple's Hi-Fi, as well as being supposedly dockable with HDMI out. Now, we're never ones to take these rumors at face value, but we kind of think this particular rumor is a little overboard on the kind of mid to long-range details that Apple is known to protect at all costs. Like the iPhone (until it launches), we'll be tucking this one away for reference and little else.

[Thanks, CoreyTheGent]

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