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Zune hacks: run it on XP Pro x64, change desktop icon

Cyrus Farivar

Gather round, 'cause we've got some Zune hacks to get your Sunday going. First, a fellow named Kristof has informed Zune-Online about a way to get the Zune software running on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (there's also a Vista hack too, which we saw earlier). The site has exact step-by-step instructions on how to pull off this one, but the short of it is, it essentially involves editing the Zune.inf file. For our next trick, we'll point you to a site that shows you how to change the Zune icon as seen in Windows. For that one, you'll need to first pull off the USB drive hack that we showed you before, and then you'll need to use Regedt (Registry Edit) to find the appropriate registry value, an ICO editing program (like IcoFX), and patience when drawing on an icon that's 48 x 48 pixels. But you'll have our eternal love and respect if you change your Zune icon to the Engadget "e" logo. As usual when trying something like this, do be sure to backup any strings that you edit so you don't end up bricking your Zune.

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