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Go to the museum and learn about the next-gen consoles!

Nick Doerr

Plagued by fieldtrips and annoying schoolchildren, museums generally aren't well-liked by many people for various reasons. Not sure why. Not to mention whenever the things are mentioned on that strange television box, it's generally in the "aww, the museum, crap..." way. Allow us to pique your interest in the Game On exhibit -- an area in the Science Museum (which is found in London) where you can play many of the next-gen titles. Over 120 titles are playable as of right now, many of which are 360 titles. November 29th will hail the arrival of the PS3 and Wii to their exhibit.

The Game On exhibit runs until the end of February and explores the history and culture of video games. Personally, this nearly brings a tear to my eye since many people believe that video games are just a "waste of time" or a "petty diversion". It's a part of social culture now and has been a major role in my life since I grabbed my sister's NES when I was three. Just as music can be pop-culture and fade away, so too may gaming, but really it seems to be sticking around and as long as it's here, I'll continue to play and enjoy more than just the "cool he blew up all real and stuff hey look a butterfly where am I?" side. That is to say, I play as a part of culture, not a way to focus my attention for five minutes at a time. Everyone, now is your time to voice your approval of gaming -- give the culture props!

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