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PSP homebrewer creates indie game encryption system


PSP homebrewing by its very definition requires a moderate level of subversion. As Sony has shown time and time again, running unsigned code on the PSP is not the way that it wants its customers to use the PSP, simply because there's a lot more profit to be gained in selling games than there is in selling hardware. Hold that thought for a second as we bring you up to speed on the latest from the PSP homebrew scene: a developer by the name of Xart has created an encryption system for homebrew PSP code. Apparently, the problem of homebrew community members copying their fellow coder's work and re-releasing it with their name in the splash screen has become bad enough to warrant this encryption system. So lets get this straight: a coder has made an encryption system for a community that's based partly around bypassing Sony's own complex restrictions. What's next? DRM for freeware games?

[Via PSPFanboy]

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