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XFPS lets you use keyboard/mouse on the 360

Despite the popularity of online-enabled console FPSs like Halo 2, some people have never been able to effectively make the jump from keyboard and mouse to gamepad; whatever 1337 skillz they once had are rendered inert in the smooth, ergonomic grips of a gamepad. 360 modders, XCM, recently unveiled the XFPS 360 adapter to connect either a USB or PS/2 mouse and keyboard to the Xbox 360 console. Just to make things confusing, the device also supports a PS2 (as in PlayStation 2) gamepad although we're not sure why anyone would want to substitute one gamepad for another. We'll just consider that a value-add. The device isn't available yet, so interested parties should keep an eye on XCM's site. But before you go plunking down your paycheck, we'd be wary that Microsoft will try to detect -- and disable -- devices like the XFPS in an effort to maintain a balanced playing field.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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