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Patch "Before the Storm" coming December 5th

Mike Schramm

New patch, called "Before the Storm." New PVP honor system. December 5. Confirmed.

If you're still working toward a rank, better work fast. Drysc says the armor and weapons will still be around, but Blizz is basically giving players still aiming for a rank title a week's notice with this one. Rumors say that Blizzard will return the rank title system eventually, but it may not be in the same form it's in now-- all we know so far is that players will be able to show the highest rank title they earned before the patch hits. Unfortunately, I don't have much time this week, so it looks like my Shammy will be a Senior Sergeant forever.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see the new LFG system in action, watch DHKs go bye-bye, and see how the new PVP honor points will work on the public servers, along with all the other fun stuff in this patch set to roll before the expansion in January. Next Tuesday! Can't wait!

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