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Chinese company releases $203 desktop PC

Cyrus Farivar

If there's any effect that NickNeg's OLPC has had on the global market for cheap computer hardware, it's that other companies are now trying to get a piece of the low-cost computer pie. At first, there was the (now defunct) AMD PIC, followed by the upstart underdog, the Intel Classmate PC, both of which kinda sorta tried to go head-to-head with the OLPC (among others). Now China's trying to get in the game too, and has just released a new 1600 yuan ($203) computer made by the Jiangsu Menglong Science and Technology Company. The Agence France Presse reports that the unnamed computer, which is powered by the 750MHz 64-bit homegrown Codson IIE chip, comes with a 40GB hard drive and 256MB of RAM. While you've got to BYO keyboard, mouse, and monitor for now, if these same Chinese brainiacs ever manage to swing a laptop out of this or any of the other ultra low-cost Chinese PCs like it, NickNeg may actually have some real competition on his hands.

[Via Engadget Chinese]

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