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HDTV buyers want games, movies, not TV shows

Kyle Orland

Canada's MarketNews Daily has the scoop on a Frank Magid Associates report which says only 47 percent of this year's HDTV buyers have any intention of watching high-definition TV programming on their new sets, down from 63 percent last year. According to the article, many HDTV buyers are "perfectly content using their HD set simply for DVD and video game playback."

Why aren't many people watching TV on their HDTVs? Confusion about subscription models and network support is partly to blame -- 40 percent of survey respondents could only name one HD-capable TV network. This is in stark contrast to console makers who are taking pains to tout the superiority of their box's high-def capabilities.

Despite the lack of interest in high-def TV programming, 46 percent of respondents who are planning on buying a TV in the next year reported being at least "somewhat likely" to go the HD route. Which is to say it looks like HD adoption is finally poised to take off. Maybe someone should tell Nintendo.

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