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I-O Data's WN-GDN/R-S does the 802.11n thing


Now that we've finished drooling on I-O Data's new RHD2-U RAID, they've busted out an equally shiny -- if slightly less monolithic -- 802.11n router for Japan, the WN-GDN/R-S. The WN-GDN/CB PCMCIA card which accompanies the router appears to be a cardboard cutout in the picture above, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but the router sounds just fine, with a 130Mbps theoretical peak speed, plus all sorts of pretty acronyms like IPv, DMZ, UPnP, VPN and SPI. The router also includes a USB port, but there doesn't seem to be any related functionality, such as the insta-NAS capabilities of competing routers. We're not too hot for the pricetag either, at 30,975 yen (about $267 US) for the router and 12,075 yen (about $104 US) for the slip of cardboard laptop card, but we're sure the market will smooth those over before long.

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