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Sony develops enviro-friendly FeliCa cards


Sony's FeliCa contactless smart card system has already seen a fair degree of success, in Japan if not here, with Sony signing up NTT DoCoMo to put the technology to use in its cellphones, and, of course, pushing the technology hard in its own laptops. Not one to rest on its laurels, however, the company's now looking to further broaden its FeliCa appeal, not to mention do the right thing, by creating cards made of vegetable-based plastic (itself a product of sweet, sweet biomass) instead of the less renewable petroleum-based plastics. Apart from that not-so-secret ingredient, the cards are apparently identical to and just as durable as existing cards.This isn't the first time Sony's used vegetable-based plastics in its products, however, with the company previously putting it to use in a Walkman, DVD player, and a few AIBO parts, as well as some product packaging. Keep it up, Sony, there's plenty more plastic you can replace.

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